<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/15/37/95/60/44/190209043743.jpg?t=1550971304"><br>Completely remodeled inside and out 1976 2386 sqft 4/3 bath 2 spacious living room, new look dining and breakfast room brick home. New driveway, walkway and back patio wire a fire pit. Replaced shutters, solar panel screens, gutters have been primed and painted white, roof will b replaced in the next week, reshaped flower beds, have a huge storage building or a shop, removed popcorn ceiling in 60 percent of the house, foam insulation to save electricity, brand new AC UNIT with 10 year warranty, recessed lighting through out the house, tile flooring though out the whole house, every room has been repainted and most rooms have been textured to hide the wall paneling, the new master suit has a beautiful walk-in closet and walk-in shower surrounded with hardie backer walls, all breakers and electrical wires have been replaced, new smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, second master bedroom has 2 closets and a new shower walls, all kitchen and 2 bathrooms have beautiful granite countertops, kitchen also has a 10 filter reverse osmosis water filter, all the plumbing pop off valves have been replaced, most of the ceiling fans have been replaced, all light fixtures have been fixed, all light switches and sockets have been replaced with a modern white color outlet, all cabinets have been repainted to a more modern look, 2 clean up lines have been installed <br>